How Do Spirits Become Attached? - Laura Giles
To understand how do spirits become attached, we have to first talk about the types of spirits that can do the attaching. There are several different types.
how do spirits become attached
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How Do Spirits Become Attached?

how do spirits become attached

How Do Spirits Become Attached?

In order for any spirit to become attached, there has to be an opening and an opportunity. The “opening” is a weakness in auric field can happen any time that our etheric body is vulnerable due to things like illness, shock, high emotions, drugs, alcohol, meditation, sex, or while in ceremony. Ecstasy makes you just as open as rage. Weaknesses may also happen due to unhealthy boundaries or mental illness.

Spirit attachment happens when a living person is open to attachment and is in proximity to a disincarnate spirit. A spirit of a family member or loved one may attach because we invite it. Be careful what you ask for! This is not healthy for either party.

When someone dies, be sure to participate in funeral rituals. This gives you and them time to accept that they are dead. You can say what you want to say to them, and begin to close that door for both of you. Romantic notions like “I will always be here” or “I will wait for you” sound sweet, but may result in more than you bargain for. If you pay attention to the reason behind funeral rituals, you will see that many exist to keep the living safe and help the dead to move on.

A high risk activity is dabbling in the spirit world. Playing with a ouija board, channeling, evoking spirits, engaging in plant medicine, going to haunted houses, having seances, or practicing mediumship without qualified guidance could lead to unintended consequences. I am not into playing the fear card. Any of the aforementioned activities could be perfectly harmless in the right circumstances. However, it is more risky because it invites spirits in, and you may have no control over who shows up!

Attachment is often accidental. The disincarnate spirit doesn’t plan on being inside and staying there, but once in, they can’t find their way out again.

Harmful spirits are more likely to be encountered in some places versus others. Hospitals, bars, casinos, funerals, haunted battlefields or houses, or anywhere there is high emotion are high risk places for picking up “hitch hikers.”

There are many ways to dislodge them; however, I do advise getting help so that you don’t create more problems than you already have. Depending upon what type of attachments are present, it could be dangerous.

While there are two ways to prevent spirit attachment. For the living, live a wholesome life and keep your vibration high. Walk in love.

To prevent the dead from becoming lost, engage in funeral rituals that help the deceased die in peace and love, know they are dead, let go, and move on completely.

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