Light Work Sessions

What's a Light Work Session?

Light is the intelligent, animating force within all of us. When the light flows in an orderly and rhythmic pattern (called "coherence"), we are healthy, vibrant, and full of vitality. 

So, light work is the process of restoring your natural light to coherence and reconnecting you to Source.

light work session

What Conditions Does a Light Work Session Treat?

Light work is not a part of the medical model. It doesn't look at the body as separate, mechanical parts. It doesn't treat any disease.

Light work is holistic. It views us as the infinite light beings that we are. By plugging back into our natural state, or mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual potential can be reached.

Everyone is different. There is no way to guess what may happen for you. Here are some things that are possible. 

improved sleep
better focus and concentration
balanced emotions
better memory
pain relief
enhanced creativity
decisiveness. You know who you are and what you're here to do.
deeper spiritual connections and intuitive awareness

There is no limit to what you can achieve.

light work

What Is the Cost?

Laura doesn't do light work professionally. Light is what we all are. It's free. So, Laura shares this as part of her spiritual practice.

However, nature requires reciprocity in order for the energy to continue moving. So, it's recommended that you donate an amount that is equal to, or greater, than what you receive so that life stays balanced.

Laura doesn't turn anyone away. However, taking time away to do this work means that she is not engaging in her professional work. Providing for herself has to come before giving to others. Donating an appropriate amount can allow her to continue to serve.

What's an appropriate donation?

No one can answer this question for you. Consider the value of what you receive, the resources available to you, and the value of Laura's time. (Her fee for breakthrough sessions is $175 for a 25 minute session).

Also consider that this work is different from services like Reiki, massage, or acupuncture. Those modalities require you to return again and again. People often get incredible improvement in a single session. Most never need more than three.