Ancestral Healing - Laura Giles
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Ancestral Healing

Ancestral healing is a powerful method for helping you to clear unwanted baggage from your energy field.

We are all master Creators of our reality. Our beliefs are the seeds that result in our physical world. Unfortunately, many of these seeds were sown when we were babies. Sometimes they are inherited from our parents or ancestors. Sometimes they come from past lives or different dimensions. So, healing is not simply a matter of using positive affirmations. The root has to be cleansed. When it goes, it is lifted from all beings, in all time, and all dimensions.

Ancestral healing does that – often very quickly. Sometimes change is instantaneous and dramatic. Sometimes it takes time, but know that more is more. The more you engage with this energy:

  • the easier it becomes to let go of old things that used to bother you
  • your old triggers melt away. Since you have fewer buttons, you’re more peaceful inside
  • the more ease you have in your day to day life regardless of the chaos outside of you
  • you may feel closer to the light inside of you, others, and Source itself
  • your wants and needs change so that they are more in alignment with your higher calling
  • pain becomes a thing of the past
  • your intuition deepens. You begin to know what is true and what is just a story

If this sounds wacky, Laura Giles offers group sessions for members of Pan Society’s private facebook group. These are free (but we’d love your donation to show reciprocity) meetings where you can participate or observe and see if this is for you. Each session we focus on a different energy/challenge. Anyone who has this energy/challenge will benefit from the clearing. Laura doesn’t have to speak to you in particular. The clearing works whether you are in person or at a distance.

Ready to Book?

Sessions are $150 and last 50 minutes.

This is your time. We can spend it however you wish to. However, if you wish to maximize the time we give to healing, here are some suggestions on how to prepare.

  • come with a clear list of 2 – 4 things that you want to change. Some examples of appropriate targets are: anger; grief; left shoulder pain, a fracture in my right ankle that won’t heal; I can’t get over my first love; I can’t lose weight; white guilt; oppression; rape trauma; childhood neglect; I was bullied, I don’t feel loved, I am controlling, I don’t listen, etc.
  • listen to what Laura is asking you and only respond to what she asks you. If things veer off track, Laura will redirect you. This doesn’t mean that you are “wrong” or that she’s trying to be rude. She’s trying to maximize your time so that you get the most out of the session. Please don’t take it personally.
  • please refrain from telling your story. We want to stay out of the left brain for this process. We want to keep the right brained, intuitive channels open.
  • please be on time. Your session begins and ends on time. We want to have your whole session for healing.

You can pay via Paypal here or via cashapp ($elgeezie). Send a note letting me know what service this is for. Please also send your availability and time zone and we will set up a time to meet virtually (usually by zoom).

If you have questions before booking, just contact Laura.