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Breakthrough Sessions

When you're stuck, spinning your wheels, sick and tired of being sick and tired, and just need a change, it's time for a breakthrough session.

What's a Breakthrough Session?

When you're stuck, nothing is working, you don't know what to do, and you know something's got to change, a breakthrough session gets you beyond that stuck place.

Who is it for?

Since a breakthrough sessions can help most people and works with most blocks, it's more useful to say who it's not for.

A breakthrough session is not a replacement for someone who needs trauma therapy. If you don't trust, can't be honest with yourself or me, have to know how everything works before you are willing to try it, or want to control the process, this is not for you.

It will work, but since we only have 25 minutes, we will spend all our time focusing on those issues instead of releasing the thing you want to leave behind.



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How I got started

Laura Giles

Laura Giles

Since my first internship, I was given the "hard" cases. I like a challenge and learned how to quickly find the root cause of an issue and a holistic solution. I enjoy seeing people light up and succeed. When you win, I win.

How does it work?

Every person is different. Every session is different. Here's what you need to know.

All natural and drug-free

While there are times when drugs are lifesaving, nobody has a prescription deficiency. I don't use any substances to create change. 

Results are typically permanent

Once we set a negative belief aside or process an emotion, it's "done" for good. It may have more than one layers, and you can choose to pick it up again, but why? 

It's holistic

Your mind, body, emotions, and spirit come into balance and harmony so you have one truth. This can make it easier to move forward confidently.

Can help a wide range of conditions

You don't even have to know what's wrong to get release. Seriously. Your body knows and will tell me even if your head doesn't know.

Laura Giles, LLC

If you are not living a vibrant, juicy life, something is in the way. Let me help you let it go.

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