Spirit Releasement Work - Laura Giles
Spirit releasement is also called depossession, deliverance, and exorcism, but those are actually different processes. I do two types of spirit releasement work.
spirit releasement
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Spirit Releasement Work

Spirit releasement is also called depossession, deliverance, and exorcism, but those are actually different processes. I do two types of spirit releasement work.

I discovered discarnate entities within my clients while doing past life regression work. When past life regression is done for curiosity sake, we set the intention that we go to a time that is impacting the current lifetime. When we are doing regression to resolve a problem, we set the intention to go to the cause of the problem. Sometimes this takes us to the point of spirit attachment in the present lifetime or a past lifetime.

This type of work is great if the client want to know the story and wants to participate in the process. It may be time consuming if there are more than one entities (and there usually are).

Remote spirit releasement does not require the client to be present or participate. It’s done on an energetic level.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spirit Releasement Work

What are the different types of spirit attachments?

How do spirits become attached? (and how can I prevent it?)

How do I know if I have a spirit attachment?

I don’t live in Richmond VA. Can I do this remotely? Yes.

What happens to the possessing entity?

The entity is treated as a loving being and co-client. In most cases, whether it’s a loved one or a dark force entity, we can help it return to the light. This is a compassionate process, not a forceable ejection from the host. If the entity leaves with his/her misguided notions intact, s/he will simply return to bother the same person or someone else.

Can you do a spirit releasement for my (husband, friend…)?

All healing work requires consent. If the person is not asking for help, I cannot ethically step in and interfere with their free will. I don’t ask their higher self. The only exceptions are that adults may give permission for minor children and the mentally incapacitated (due to intellectual incapacity or mental illness).

How long does it take to see results?

In regression, it takes as long as it takes. It depends on how many entities are aboard and what type they are. For remote spirit releasement, it’s one session of one to three hours to release them all.

How long is a past life/spirit releasement session?

One hour.

What are the qualifications for someone to do this work?

Anyone can hang a shingle. This is not a regulated service. Many approaches work. I would suggest that you go with someone who feels good to you and has references that you trust. I have heard of people charging really high fees for this work. Getting your life or health back is certainly priceless; however, if it were me, I’d raise an eyebrow at someone who puts profit above service and look elsewhere. I’d likewise avoid someone who pressures you with fear. This is a serious business, and it can be dangerous, but look around you. 50-100% of people have spirit attachments. It’s a quality of life issue, not a life and death issue.