Private Session

Got a problem, but you don’t want to tell your story all over again or spend a lot of time working it out? Sounds like you need a private session.

Is This For Me?

  • are you stuck?
  • don’t know what’s wrong?
  • tried all kinds of things that didn’t work?
  • going in circles?
  • making the same mistakes all over again?
  • getting hit over the head with blind spots?
  • can’t let go of a memory or emotion?

These are the types of problems that a transformation session can quickly resolve. It doesn’t matter if your issue is from five minutes ago, childhood, a past life, a spirit attachment, or comes from ancestral baggage. If you’re carrying it, we can put it down.

What We’ll Do

This is Shadow work. We are going to explore your unconscious for what you can’t see. Once we illuminate it, we will know what to do. Sometimes it’s just about accepting things for what they are. Sometimes something needs to be healed. Or maybe the resulting clarity helps you see which way to go next.

A single session can change your whole life. Or sometimes the results ripple out into your life in more subtle ways. Every person is different. Every session is different.

I highly recommend working with a therapist or coach to help you with processing your experience. If you would like to book an integration session, I am available for that too. I realize that speaking to someone who was with you during the process can be far more helpful when it feels like no one else could possibly understand what happened.

If you need skills training, please see my coaching program for that. I am happy to support you and hold you accountable for your growth in every way I can.

How to Prepare

Your 25 minute session is $175. To make the most of our time together, please watch the following video beforehand.

I don’t know beforehand what we will do during your session. It is a very in-the-moment process. If you have a preferred technique, you can ask for that, but it may not be the best thing for your issue.

How to Book Now

Contact me for availability. I do not schedule more than 30 days in advance.

Once we have an appointment date, pay via PayPal here. Your appointment time is NOT CONFIRMED until payment is received.

I will send you a Zoom link where we will meet at the appointed day and time. Your appointment starts at the scheduled time, not when you arrive, so please be on time.