Fourteen Signs of Spirit Attachment - Laura Giles #
Professionals who do spirit releasement work estimate that between 50 - 100% have one or more spirit attachments! How would you know if this includes you? Here are the fourteen signs of spirit attachment.
signs of spirit attachment
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Fourteen Signs of Spirit Attachment

spirit attachment

Fourteen Signs of Spirit Attachment

Professionals who do spirit releasement work estimate that between 50 – 100% have one or more spirit attachments! How would you know if this includes you?

Here are the most common signs of spirit attachment.

Not feeling like yourself – Do you say something like, “Every since (fill in the blank), things just haven’t been the same”? This could be an illness, an accident, a break-up, or one day when you were intoxicated or high. It could be something fairly mundane like the day that you went on a road trip. It doesn’t have to be anything that was particularly eventful.

Being uncharacteristically indecisive. If you often say things like, “Part of me wants this, but the other part wants that” and those things are really different, it could be because there is more than one of you inside! Of course, some people see the benefits of everything and have a hard time narrowing down their choices. It’s somewhat normal, but if you have several signs of attachment, you might want to investigate further.

Physical symptoms – Feeling chronically tired is the main sign. Others are unexplained headaches, nausea, weird aches and pains, stomach aches, always cold, allergies, hypochondria, and bruises or scratches that come from nowhere. Again, there may be legitimate reasons for physical symptoms, so rule out medical causes before jumping to conclusions.

Mental health issues – Anxiety, depression, hearing voices, mood swings, strong negative emotions, intrusive thoughts, feeling detached, phobias, suicidal thoughts, negative self talk, urges to steal, attack others, or do other impulsive, harmful things to yourself or others.

Addictions or cravings – spirits who died with addiction issues need a host to continue getting high. When you are drinking or using drugs, you are more vulnerable to attachment. If your drug or alcohol use is out of control, it might be more than just a matter of not having enough willpower or motivation to stop. Recipients of organ transplants often report cravings that belong to the person they received the organ from. This is a red flag for a spirit fragment from the donor.

Focus and concentration issues – if you feel like you have brain fog, it could be because your thoughts are competing with others in your head to be heard. Your brain could be overstimulated.

Tingling, buzzing, or internal sensations – Unfortunately, this is often written off as part of a spiritual awakening as it often begins after meditation or participation in group ceremonies. Anything that opens you up leaves you vulnerable to spirit attachment. This is why you should be careful about who you do ceremonies with. Everything and everyone is not safe.

Psychic sensations or “knowings” – these are things like feeling like you are being watched, being touched while you’re sleeping, or sensing things moving out of the corner of your eye.

Preoccupation with sex – this could range from just thinking about it all the time, masturbating excessively, or full blown sex addiction. Multiple casual sex partners increase your risk of attachments. Each sex partner may create a soul tie with you, so make sure you know who you are with!

Bisexuality/Pansexuality/Queer– most of the LGBTQ community is that way because that is their natural expression. However, in some cases desiring both sexes or the same sex partner is due to spirit attachment. A women who is oppressed by a man may only be interested in other women as long as the spirit attachment is present. So, if this is something new for you, you may wish to get this checked out – especially if you are considering gender reassignment.

Suicidal thoughts – suicidal thoughts are frequently caused by spirit attachments

Sleep issues – nightmares and insomnia can be signs of spirit attachment

Feeling like no matter where you live, your house is haunted – it’s probably not the house, but you!

Eating disorders – spirit who died from hunger may have a need to eat compulsively. Spirits who denied themselves food because food was pleasurable could have issues with food restriction. Those who died with food addictions may cause you to over eat or eat the wrong things.

All spirit attachments are not malicious, but their presence is not beneficial for you or for them. The rule is one soul per body. When it’s more than that, neither soul is well served. So, we need to release them so that they can move on and you can be free.

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