Laura Giles

Laura Giles, LCSW

holistic healer and coach

I love putting things in order and creating safe, fun spaces for people to be their best selves because that's when they are their loveliest.

Let me put my passion and quirks to work for you!

People are my wheelhouse. When I was growing up, people made no sense to me. I couldn't see the patterns. It seemed like human behavior was simply random.

Then I went to college, took psych 101 and it all fell into place! We actually do make sense. We have patterns - lovely patterns! I fell in love with understanding human behavior and became addicted to figuring out how to restructure the order so that people could return to a state of health and balance.

I also love seeing the light come on in people. We're all incredibly interesting and alive. When we're safe and courageous, it just spills all over the place.

I love being able to give people the space to be that free.

So, if you are in want of balance, freedom, and courage to be your best self, let's have some fun and work together.