I specialize in helping people let go.
Together we will break those barriers.

What stands between you and your greatness is your baggage. Isn't it time to let that go?

Let It Go Now Podcast

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My podcast explores many ideas on how to let go and live more authentically and naturally.

Tune in and see if we click.

Breakthrough Sessions

Breakthrough sessions are for smashing through the blocks that you can't see or can't shift on your own. We bypass the intellectual mind and speak to the truth of the body and intuition.

The benefits:

For so many of us, a younger, hurt version of ourselves is driving the bus. Our conscious self says, "I want this." Then our scared Wounded Child sabotages, pouts, stonewalls,

and procrastinates, keeping us from having what we say we want. The breakthrough session can clear the road blocks so you have a smooth path ahead. 

Let It Go Community

Sometimes breaking barriers is the easy part. Doing the work of change and sustaining it may take some time. This is where the community comes in handy.

The benefits:

* community support

* techniques to help let go

* play practices to help you learn healthier ways of being

* you will get to know yourself

* experiences to help you connect to nature, others, and yourself to build a sense of community


We never work. It's always play to keep things fun. Intensives are a  full day or weekend of intensive breakthrough sessions interspersed with mindful living. You not only let go of blocks, but learn how to live authentically and harmoniously by doing it.

The benefits:

* undivided attention

* go at your own pace

* time to let things unfold at their own pace

* subtle, yet powerful

* relaxing

* there is space for integration

* no distractions

* it's FUN!

Spiritual Tours

This is the big daddy of experiences. Do not embark upon this journey unless you are willing to risk transformation.

The benefits:

We visit power places around the globe that have the potential to break through blocks without you even having

to know what they are. You will be in safe hands to let go and have the experience you're meant to have.

Laura Giles

If you are not living a vibrant, juicy life, something is in the way. Let me help you let it go.




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