Laura Giles
Laura Giles, LCSW is a spiritual counselor and mentor who helps with paranormal issues, ancestral issues, and integration after awakening, ceremonies, or DMT, MDMA, psilocybin, or other plant medicine therapies.
spiritual counseling
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What I do & how I do it

If you’ve got something going on that no one will understand, you’re in the right place. Holistic, nonjudgmental healing happens here.

integration therapy
past life regression
integration therapy

About me

I’ve spent my career working with trauma using a variety of holistic techniques. I focus on removing the roots of the problem so you can heal.

  • I believe that everyone can change.
  • I love a challenge, and won’t give up on you.
  • Because one size does not fit all, I have a lot of skills to help.
  • We’ll work as a team to reach your goals quickly.
  • Everything is all natural and drug-free!

My skills

Integration Counseling0
Past Life Regression0
Somatic Therapies0
Integration Therapy

After a big change, you need time and support to create a new foundation. Let me help.

Past Life Regression

Because all problems don’t begin in this life, I offer past life regression. Heal it at the root!

Ancestral Healing

Intergenerational trauma can take a toll! To heal the source, we clean up your ancestral trash and highlight the gifts.

Somatic Therapies

People are physical creatures. Working with the body’s intelligence is crucial to holistic healing.


Speaking directly to the unconscious can result in super speedy change. Let’s get started!

Energy Work

Mind, body, emotions, and spirit all respond to the language of energy.


Breath opens the door for your body to heal itself. All you have to do is get out of the way.

Intuitive Readings

I use mandalas, dreams, tarot cards, and Lenormand cards to illuminate what’s unseen.


It’s not really Voodoo, but one client called it that. These are skills that work like magic.


New from the Blog

Browse my blog and find tips and inspiration to help you get through the day. My articles can also give you an idea of my approach to see if we are a good fit.

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Contact Us

I’d love watching the light come on and magic click as people find healing, clarity, and move into the driver’s seat of their lives. If you’re ready for that change, let’s talk.


8401 Patterson Ave. #205 Henrico, VA 23229





laura at lauragiles. net