Join My Other  Happy Clients Who Have Changed Their Lives Using My Proven System

It's all about you, baby! We will work together for an extended period to knock out your issues. Why spend weeks or months doing what we can do in days?

What Makes The Intensive Great?

The Natural Environment

 We meet in a natural environment. You can't learn what you've never seen. It's like living life. 

Feel Relaxed

We have lots of time to let things reveal themselves, feel them, and let them go. It will never feel like work.

Permanent Change

You won't just feel better. You will be better. You'll leave your baggage behind so you can soar.

I could not have gotten the full extent of what you say without the benefit of time in a natural environment. Thank you! This is a new way of being.


Sacred Travel Guest

I Offer Two Options

there are things that are most easily grasped in a natural setting. 

Micro Retreat

We will spend 7 hours together (for example, 9 to 4 or 8 to 3) in a face-to-face setting. We will share lunch and snacks. We may spend time outdoors walking in nature if the weather is fair. 

We will do lots of work, too. You will be well supported, and it will feel mostly like play.

Mini Retreat

Did somebody say, "Slumber party?" We will spend the weekend together (typically Friday at 5 to Sunday at 11).

There is plenty of time to let go, process, and do it all over again. 

You will go away with a lot less garbage and discover more than you knew to ask for.