Let Go of These 5 Creativity Killers

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Creativity is an under-rated intelligence. If you want to succeed and remain mentally flexible, you have to exercise this skill like you would any other. So, let’s look at these 5 creativity killers so we can let them go!

Worst Creativity Killers

Perfectionism. Most people who strive for perfection abhor creativity because their idea of what perfect looks like is based upon something that has already been done. It’s based upon a standard. That’s the opposite of creativity. Creativity is messy and unconventional.Following rules and procedures. This leads to things that are traditional and tried and true. It won’t lead to innovation. Breaking barriers requires taking risks. They may not work out as intended, but they could be even better!Knowing it all. Show me the person who says, “That won’t work” and I will show you someone who has little imagination. An open mind considers all possibilities and allows that what they believe could be wrong. Criticism. Your own inner critic or someone else’s can inspire you to leave your brain at home. Don’t listen. Find a cheerleader instead.Indecisiveness. Creativity requires a willingness to do something. Being indecisive can stop the whole process before it starts. Just do something. Let it unfold. Tweak as you go.

Why Creativity Is Important

Creativity allows us to entertain, create, solve problems, succeed in business, enjoy things, find meaning in life, and live longer.

We’re all born creative geniuses. The modern, western lifestyle trains it out of us by rewarding us for finding the right answers. If you want to hold on to your creative genius, let go of these 5 creativity killer and engage in your favorite creative endeavor.