why do people get stuck

Why Do People Get Stuck?

Everyone hits a wall now and then. We cruise along for a while and then something happens to jam up the works. But why? Why do people get stuck? Let's take a look at the most common reasons. Double Binds Double binds are "damned if I do/damned...

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What to Know Before You Use Psychedelics

Research is showing that psychedelics can be very therapeutic for mental health and spiritual healing. There is a lot of excitement around this, but what should you know before you use psychedelics? Let's explore that now. Who Should NOT use psychedelics? While the research into Ketamine, MDMA,...

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Why We Don’t Talk About Our Dreams

Dreams are a treasure trove of information! They are a free risk management tool that can make your life safer, more fun, and easier. Yet we don’t talk about our dreams – at least not outside the therapist’s office. Why? It Feels Self Indulgent Holding someone hostage...

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