Love or Fear?

When it comes down to it, everything boils down to two choices in life: love or fear.

love or fear

The Pathway of Fear

Fear is a normal, healthy emotion that exists to keep us alive. It is designed to be a very short-term state to help us deal with immediate danger. Our thinking brain goes offline. We get a burst of adrenaline that helps us to fight or flee, or we shut down and freeze.

Then, after a moment or two, our brain relaxes and we go back to our baseline.

Only that’s not how it works for most people because of learning. We might learn that bees sting. Rather than getting stung and letting go of the event, we might hold on to it and fear bees.

When we start to accumulate fears, we can live our whole lifetime on the defensive. We live smaller and smaller until we’re not living at all.

love or fear

The Pathway of Love

Choosing the pathway of love won’t make your boo boos go away. We will all have ups and downs because that’s how life works.

Choosing love will mean that we don’t stay down. We remain open to possibilities. We stay in the game and choose our path forward based upon desire balanced with calculated risks.

When people and things leave our lives, we can stay in a place of gratitude for having had the experience. In this way, everything becomes a blessing and nothing, not even death, inspires fear.

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