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types of spirit attachment

Types of Spirit Attachments

When we talk about spirit attachments, some people imagine The Exorcist where the impacted person spews profanity, fling people against the wall, and your head spins around. Fortunately, this is not usually the case as there are many different types of spirit attachment. Most people...

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how do spirits become attached

How Do Spirits Become Attached?

In order for any spirit to become attached, there has to be an opening and an opportunity. The "opening" is a weakness in auric field can happen any time that our etheric body is vulnerable due to things like illness, shock, high emotions, drugs, alcohol,...

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spirit attachment

Fourteen Signs of Spirit Attachment

Professionals who do spirit releasement work estimate that between 50 - 100% have one or more spirit attachments! How would you know if this includes you? Here are the most common signs of spirit attachment. Not feeling like yourself - Do you say something like, "Every...

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talk about dreams

Why We Don’t Talk About Our Dreams

Dreams are a treasure trove of information! They are a free risk management tool that can make your life safer, more fun, and easier. Yet we don’t talk about our dreams – at least not outside the therapist’s office. Why? It Feels Self Indulgent Holding someone hostage...

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plant medicine

Is Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony For You?

While all plants and animals have healing energy, those that work quickly on a spiritual level are being sought at an all time high. That means it’s a good time to talk about is sacred plant medicine ceremony for you....

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Keening, Lamenting, and the Grief Process

During the Summer Solstice and other liminal times of the year, it’s common for those who teeter between worlds to cross over. As my grandmother has just made this transition, I thought it appropriate to talk about the animist tradition of keening and lamenting....

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dream more

How to Dream More

Dreams are the road to the unconscious. They can show you what is hidden from you. Dreams can direct you to your desires. They can warn you of danger. Your spirit ancestors and helpers can speak to you through your dreams. You can solve problems...

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