do more of what you love

Do More of What You Love

Happy new year!

For animists like me, the winter solstice is new year’s eve.

Today marks the beginning of the new year, and like many people, I gave some thought to what I want 2023 to look like.

Rather than focusing on what I don’t want or what I want to release, I decided to focus on what I do want.

Do More of What You Love

This line of thought was validated today through a conversation with someone who said how much fun he had with friends over the weekend. We both agreed that healthy, nurturing relationships were the fruit of life.

So, I decided that I wanted more of that.

I want more dancing. There is a saying that if you lose your mojo, you can find it where you last danced. I think that’s true. Losing touch with dancing is forgetting the rhythm of life.

I sing most mornings. I am like a bird. I wake up to it. I shower with it. I cook breakfast with it.

Song is my barometer of my inner being. It’s not something that I think about. I just do it. But I want to be more conscious of it and share it because it makes me happy.

New Year’s Resolutions

I know there are lots of people making new year’s resolutions around career goals, financial targets, and milestones they want to reach.

Call me old, but been there, done that.

What matters to me now is to enjoy each day. They only come once. And when they are gone, they are gone.

When I think of those who have already crossed over, what I cherish about them is not their stuff, their status, or their achievements. It is their heart.

So, while I am still here, I want to give my heart a work out and love, laugh, sing, and dance as much as I can stand.  I want to leave a legacy of happiness that lives on in the hearts of others. To do that, I have to do more of what I love.