Spiritual Events

Interested in spiritual accountability, but not ready to commit yet? Have you “graduated” from coaching, and still want to be involved? You’re welcome to join our Meditation Mondays or Talking Circle Tuesdays free!

Meditation Mondays

Meditation connects us to our center and to Source. A regular meditation practice is a commitment to keeping this connection strong.

While you will probably want to meditate more than once a week, committing to a group may help you to be accountable to your desire to practice.

This is a basic, foundational sitting meditation that anyone can do. It is NOT guided. Please come 5 minutes early your first time to get instructions. No later comers (because we will be sitting with our eyes closed). We have a few minutes after for Q&A if needed.

Talking Circle Tuesdays

A talking circle can teach you how to show up, speak your truth, listen, feel connected, overcome prejudices, and see yourself in the eyes of others.

Whether you attend to get something off your chest, enhance your skills, or be connected, you’re welcome here. The event is free, but registration is required: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUtdOigqzIuHdaRqx-n-lb36RSiouUAJX5Y

Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde Spiritual Tour

I’m going on a pilgrimage and you’re invited! Our journey will focus on the spiritual center of the ancient American world – the UNESCO sites of Chaco Canyon in New Mexico and Mesa Verde in Colorado.

APRIL 30 – MAY 8, 2022


Big, Dark Sky Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde are part of the International Dark Sky Park and are also UNESCO World Heritage sites. Chaco Canyon is considered the best place to view the night sky in the world by some star gazing enthusiasts. High elevation, arid climate, sparse population, and clear skies all contribute to exceptional stargazing opportunities. We’ve even planned the tour dates around the moon rise to give us the best opportunity to stare in wonder at the magnificence that is space, so bring your camera!

The Ancient (Anasazi) Pueblo Culture. Chaco Canyon contains the most sweeping collection of ancient ruins north of Mexico. The park preserves one of the most important pre-Columbian cultural and historical areas in the United States. Since it’s remote and hard to reach, we will have lots of the areas almost to ourselves!

Between AD 900 and 1150, Chaco Canyon was the ceremonial center for Ancestral Puebloans. They magically appeared bringing advanced knowledge of astronomy, agriculture, and architecture with them. That spiritual energy still lingers today. Meditate in an astrologically aligned kiva and feel it for yourself!

Maybe you can solve the mystery of the Anasazi’s sudden disappearance. They fled in one sweeping move, sometimes burning their possessions, leaving them behind, and sealing off ceremonial structures at the height of their culture! Some skeletons left behind hints of violence or cannibalism. Perhaps the petroglyphs that show the supernova that exploded across the sky in 1054, or Haley’s comet, which was visible a few years later, heralded a change in spirituality. We just don’t know.

Engaging with the Mystery. The Anasazi seemed to magically appear out of nowhere with advanced technology, farming knowledge, astrological knowledge, and a peaceful demeanor. They flourished for 300 years, then suddenly vanished. Were they aliens? Were they advanced spiritual beings? What’s their story? Is it possible to channel them or learn from the land?

Local Natives often speak of the Anasazi in whispers, if at all. Oral traditions says that Chacoans had great spiritual power over animals, the weather, and human beings. They vaguely suggest that the natural order of things may have somehow been tampered with.

Sacred Spaces. Everything is sacred, but there are places on the Earth that have phenomenal, uplifting, enlightening energy that can transport you to other dimensions. This area has that reputation too. While I haven’t been here yet, I’ve been to Canyon de Chelly. Our Navajo guide shared the Navajo history, but not the Anasazi stories. So even though I didn’t know about the mysteries, I could feel it. I didn’t want to leave it. It was so very special, and I’m really glad to be returning to this land and sharing it with you.

Nature! What’s more healing than Nature? The wildlife is so varied and beautiful here. We will be in the water, desert, among animals (horses) and wildflowers. Let’s do this!

Great Company. I never know who is going to come, but it’s always a jolly group. I feel safe in saying that you will have the experience that you most need. I’ve been hosting tours for over 20 years and this has never failed to be true.

Small Group Size. Once you do a few of these, you realize that you experience things that can only understood and appreciated by those who were there with you. Small group travel gives you the intimacy of great people without the headaches of a large group. Why enjoy the stars or a bonfire alone? Be with people who love what you love.

Spiritual Growth. You are invited to bring 6 unresolved issues with you so that our facilitator, Laura Giles, can help you release them. We will do one each day. Don’t be shy. It only takes a few minutes, and you don’t have to share your business or even tell your story. Some examples of what to choose are things like: that thing that isn’t troublesome or you have already gotten over, but it pops up in your mind from time to time; a recurring dream; something that broke your heart; a betrayal; grief or loss; abuse; that moment when things changed forever (for example, “after X, I never _____ again”); giving up on a dream.



Anasazi Visitor’s Center

Aztec Monument

Canyon of the Ancients

Chaco Canyon

Hovenweep National Monument

Mesa Verde

Ute Mountain Tribal Park

horseback riding

white water rafting

Native American dancing

New Moon/May Day ritual


  • air conditioned transportation to sites listed on the itinerary
  • entry fees to sites listed on the itinerary
  • a guided tour of Mesa Verde and Ute Mountain Tribal Park
  • lodging


  • meals
  • airfare to and from Albuquerque
  • tips
  • travel insurance
  • items of a personal nature such as water and laundry
  • anything not listed


  • Elevation is 7,000 to 7,500 feet. High altitude can make you feel queasy and tired. Move slowly to acclimate.
  • Plan for all weather. Wind, rain, and temperatures that vary by 40 degrees is common for the season. Bring long sleeves, pants, a sun hat, a camelbak (or some way to stay hydrated), hiking shoes or boots, and bug spray. Dress in layers with water resistant shells.
  • Our ideal guest is reasonably fit and flexible. We will be walking over uneven terrain that is sometimes steep and rocky. There are no handrails. Things will not always go according to plan, and the tour may demand that you get out of your comfort zone. (Real travel is NOT the smiling photos you see on social media). We’re also traveling while Mercury is in shadow, so flexibility and open mindedness is crucial.
  • Many of our sites are remote. That’s why they are still here and are unspoiled. This means there is a lot of driving. The road conditions are poor. Be warned. It’s a rough ride, but worth it. If you tend to be car sick, you may want to sit this one out.
  • The tour begins at the Durango airport. We will have two pick up times. Plan your flight so we can all rendezvous by then. If you need to acclimate to the time zone or altitude, please consider arriving the day before.
  • All items on the itinerary are subject to change based on covid, road conditions, and the weather. No refunds for cancelled items.
  • Our home away from home is a private, country cottage with mountain views. You will have access to a kitchen and laundry facilities. If you desire to sit out an activity, you can stay here in comfort. In your downtime, feel free to hike the nearby trails, fish, gaze at a fire in the fire pit, or enjoy the view from the wraparound porch.
  • Our home is near town, so groceries and other items are easily accessible.
  • Wear quick drying clothes for the rafting trip. No jeans or flip flops. This is class I to III rapids. It’s easy. Everyone can do it, and it just may be one of the highlights of the trip (as it was in 2013).
  • Your host, Laura Giles, will be available to help with any integration work or rituals, if the group desires it. Some options are: past life regression, group ancestral clearing, breath work, qigong, tarot card readings, and more. Just ask!
  • Proceeds benefit Pan Society.
from our 2013 trip to AZ


  • To stay safer during the pandemic and to optimize your spiritual experience, tour size is absolutely limited to a maximum of 10 people.
  • A nonrefundable $500 deposit secures your spot. It’s “first come, first served.” We cannot save you a spot as space is very limited.
  • Balance must be paid by Feb 28, 2022.
  • Interested? Email pansocietyuniverse at gmail dot com. I’ll send you the Terms and Conditions, Assumption of Risk, registration form, and an invoice for your deposit. Please return the signed forms along with your deposit and you’re all set!

Master Bedroom BOOKED!

This room has a king sized bed and en suite bathroom. The tour price with this room is $2896 as a single or $2331 per person as a double

Bedroom #2

This bedroom has a queen sized bed and shares bathroom #2 with bedroom #3. The tour price for this room is $2278 as a single or $1970 per person as a double.

Bedroom #3

This bedroom has a queen sized bed. The tour price for this room is $2278 as a single or $1970 per person as a double.

Bedroom #4

This bedroom has two full sized beds. The tour price for this room as a single is $2278 or $1970 per person as a double, triple, or quad. This bedroom uses bathroom #3.https://www.youtube.com/embed/MJH_y2FQ_oI?feature=oembed


UNESCO’S Chaco Canyon Site

World Heritage’s Chaco Canyon Site

UNESCO’s Mesa Verde Site

What’s a Dark Sky Park?

Brian Fagan’s Chaco Canyon

Hopi Prophecies

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Anasazi Stories from a Navajo/Dine Perspective