I’m Laura Giles, lCSW

Your shadow work coach

I help sick and tired people illuminate the shadow to recover their zest for life.

Shadow Work

If you’re stuck, it’s because you don’t see the problem or the solution.

Conscious Living

Once you’re awake, you want to stay there. That takes skill and accountability.

Helping You Achieve Fulfillment

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE REAL YOU

Everyone has an inner knowing that is pure and true. When we get our baggage out of the way, it guides us to be who we were born to be. It’s our calling. Are you ready to discover who you are?

Find out who you can be when your fears are behind you

Release harmful programs you didn't know you had

Finally have happy, healthy relationships

Gain a sense of peace for no reason

Live a life full of purpose

Shadow Work

We can’t heal what we can’t see. If life’s not great, find out why.

Conscious Living

Life lulls us back to sleep. Don’t you want to stay awake?

Tips to Keep Going

My weekly tip sheet can help you make small, regular changes.


Need a lot of change fast? Let’s do an intensive!

What Is Shadow Work
Who Can It Help?

When you’re stuck, nothing is working, you don’t know what to do, and you know something’s got to change, shadow work gets you out of that stuck place so you can get going again. 

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

There is usually something hidden at play that is keeping you stuck. Since you can’t see it, you can stumble around, not asking the right questions, and not seeking the right type of helper.


If you’ve “failed” at many different types of therapies and programs, it’s not you. It’s the approach. Shadow work doesn’t require that you know what’s wrong, so it often helps where other modalities fail.


Shadow work works best when you relax. If you overthink, try too hard, or need to get it “right,” you’re actually interfering with the process. If you relax, you can’t fail. 

Ready to have an authentic, meaningful life?

There is no trick to feeling alive. We all have an amazing spark inside. We just have to get out of our own way and our juices flow naturally. It’s really that easy.

About Me

I love putting things in order and creating safe, fun spaces for people to be their best selves because that’s when they are their loveliest.

Let me put my passion and quirks to work for you!

People are my wheelhouse. When I was growing up, people made no sense to me. I couldn’t see the patterns. It seemed like human behavior was simply random.

Then I went to college, took psych 101 and it all fell into place! We actually do make sense. We have patterns – lovely patterns! I fell in love with understanding human behavior and became addicted to figuring out how to restructure the order so that people could return to a state of health and balance.


“There aren’t enough words to say “thank you.” You truly have been an inspiration and a wonderful influence on my life.” ~ Serena 

“I could not have gotten the full benefit of what you were saying without the benefit of time in a natural environment. Thank you. This is a new way of being” ~ Mollie

“You have guided me from despair to conviction and purpose. You showed me the light in the darkest time in my life. Thank you.” ~ Clive

If You Are Not Living a Vibrant, Juicy Life, Something’s in the Way.

 On every Hero’s (that’s you) journey, there comes a time when s/he needs assistance. That’s what I am here for.

If you are stuck, let’s put that behind you!

What stands in the way of amazement is your baggage. Life’s short. You have one crack at living it to its fullest in this body, time, and place. Don’t you want to thrive?

Change is typically quick. You don’t have to go into your problems or history. Anyone can do this.

Why Spend Another Day Stuck?

Let’s Do This Thing!