Helping you let go
so you can live your life

What stands in the way of amazement is your baggage. Life's short. You have one crack at living it to its fullest in this body, time, and place. Don't you want to thrive?

Change is typically quick.
Anyone can do this.
Anyone can do this.

Release those blocks & let go of the past

If you are sick and tired of being held back by things in the past, or tripped up by subconscious blocks, it's time to let that go.


Whether it was your first love or your last that was a doozy, I can help you let that go.

The Replay

If you are haunted by a memory or dream that replays, we can make it stop.

A Cold Mother

If your parent wasn't Mother of the Year, we can make it easier to accept.

missed Opportunity

If you are plagued by regret and keep looking back, we can turn that around.


If you're not living up to your potential, there could be a block in place. Let's see.

People Pleasing

You will never have what you want if everyone is more important than you.

Not Speaking Up

Fortune favors the bold. Find your voice and step into your power.


If you're too clingy or fear intimacy, it could be because of abandonment issues.

Meet your guide

Laura Giles helps people blow past their blocks without spending a lot of time talking about their past. 

Laura Giles

If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, I'm your girl! Together we will get to the root of the issue and knock it out once and for all.

I specialize in helping the "hard to help," so simple ones are a breeze. If you are ready to transform, let's connect.

Laura Giles

My services

Give me some of your time and let's transform your life.

Breakthrough session

The breakthrough session is a 25 minute power chat where we knock out a known or hidden issue.

Light Work Session

Balance your light energy and help your mind, body, and spirit heal itself. Return to your maximum potential.

Sacred Travel

Nature is the ultimate healer and teacher. I guide small groups to sacred places and support as the magic happens.

Testimonials from our customers

Here's what past clients have to say.

I went on my first tour as a leap of faith. Now, I would follow you to Hell if that is what you were offering. It's just amazing and so gentle.

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C. Silva

The story of my Peru tour with you sounds so fabricated. I could feel God, my angels, spirit guides, spirit animals - heck, the whole universe was as part of me on that journey.

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F. Hart

Thank you so much for giving me the gift of a lifetime - my first trip to Egypt. You shared something so special with us- your time, knowledge, joy of Middle Eastern culture, and love of Egypt. When can we go again?

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C. Jones

"Thank you" is so insignificant for what you gave. You gave me things I didn't even know I needed. I feel more alive and more of myself than I ever have.

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C. Franks

Laura Giles

If you are not living a vibrant, juicy life, something is in the way. Let me help you let it go. 

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