Are you awash in clutter?

It’s All About Your Emotions!

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Psst! Let me tell you a secret. That clutter in on your desk, inside your closet, and in your car? It represents your inner world, your emotions. Yes, it’s a way to distract yourself from what you don’t want to feel. It’s a way of hiding.

Too Much Stuff Messes Up Your Vibe

I get it. Clutter is a safety net. I know all the excuses for hanging on. I’ve heard them all.

I’m afraid that I will forget people without all the reminders.My stuff makes me feel safe.My stuff is valuable too valuable to give away. I can never get what it’s worth if I sell it.I don’t know who I am without my stuff.¬†Letting go means loss, and I am not strong enough to feel that pain.clutter

All these things are barriers to healing. They are not real. If you want to live fully and function in a more healthy way, you’ve got to let go.

Hoarding is a real thing. It messes up your vibe by keeping emotions stuck inside. To get them moving again, start slowly.

Focus on the benefits of a downsized lifestyle, like there’s less laundry, you can find things easily, and you won’t trip over things. It’s easier to move towards what you want if there is a benefit there.

Grieve what you need to grieve. Say the unsaid things. Cry. Have a funeral for your stuff. And when you are done, let the stuff and the emotions go.

Practice radical honesty with yourself. When feelings come up, feel them. This will help prevent coping with feelings by hiding them in your stuff. The more you feel now, the less you have to carry around with you.

The next time you are in a clean and open space, notice how you feel in your body. If you’re like most people, you will feel more present, more ease, and more productive. When you see a small pile of something beginning to form, remember that feeling and tidy it up!