Roaming around the countryside, there lived a hungry bear who absolutely loved honey! Whenever he felt empty inside, the bear wandered into the closest farmhouse to find the juicy nectar.

Hungry Bear knocked over the hives and plunged his fat fists into the honeycomb, ripping the comb open as he ate his fill. Once satisfied, he ambled back into the forest.

In the morning, the farmer discovered the plunder. The bees were in distress. Honey had spilled everywhere. The hives were swarming with ants, yellow jackets, and bees from other colonies who were making off with their unguarded honey.

The farmer was losing his bees and lots of money, too!

But what to do?

This was a big bear who could be very dangerous. But the honey and hive were expensive and precious. They had to be protected.

Night after night, this happened all along the valley.

So, the concerned farmers talked amongst themselves and decided that the best course of action was to erect electric fences.

The next time the hungry bear came along in search of honey, he hit the fence and got a strong zap. Surprised, the pesky bear went scurrying away.

However, the bear’s passion for honey drove him to the next farm, where he tried again. And once again, he was zapped.

The bear finally decided that honey behind a fence was too painful and went off to find other food.

This is an original fable written by Laura Giles. Fables are typically animal stories that are meant to teach a moral lesson. They are useful teaching tools because they use metaphors and symbols, which are the language of the unconscious.

To use this story for growth, open your mind. Ponder how you are like the bear. How are you like the farmer? What about the robbers or the bees? Do you know others who resemble these characters? What can you learn from them?Some possible morals of this story are:*  The best way to make sure you have a ready supply of honey is to cultivate your own. Or the best way to live peacefully with different folks is to have healthy boundaries.

Most fables have many interpretations. Can you see others? Let me know in the comments.