It’s Kick off to crazy town!

Get Ready to Pace Yourself and Plan

It’s November 1st and with the flip of a calendar, the energy has shifted into high gear consumerism.

What’s going on?

I remember when I was a kid and the big event was the day Santa Claus showed up at the mall. That was the kick off to the holiday season that brought magic, sweet smells, dreams of snow, and laughter that warmed the insides.

I’m not a Grinch by any means, but what happened to the wonder? Christmas is no longer a season of peace.

As I walked into the store today hoping to catch some a deal on some Halloween clearance items, the atmosphere just felt desperate. Shelves were stuffed with too much junk that nobody needs and the air smelled of plastic. Ew!

I’m Saying No to the Holiday Consumerism Frenzy

My plan this year is to just say no. I’m not a big shopper at any time of the year, and don’t make the holidays about presents, so it’s not a huge shift. Here are my secrets. If they can help you plan for a relaxing, low-cost, low-stress holiday, you are welcome to them!

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Create a Plan and Stick to the Plan

Decide ahead of time who you are buying for and stick to that list. Explain that you are downsizing your consumerism and upgrading the opportunities to savor the parts of the season that aren’t for sale. If anyone feels slighted, let it be their issue. This is a no guilt, no obligation zone!Decide ahead of time how much time you want to spend traveling. Calculate the energy cost of recovering from travel, drinking, partying so that come January 1, you’re not wallowing in shame and fatigue from overdoing it.Maximize the things that you enjoy. Do you like tacky lights? Caroling? Sipping hot chocolate or wassail by a fire place? Or is being in crowds hunting for bargains your jam? Whatever you love, make space for that so you get the thing that warm your heart.Focus on feelings and experiences over things. When I think of my best holiday memories, it’s never about the stuff. It’s about the people. Make space for the love.

Being in the store today felt really cringy, but I am not going to let that vibe spoil mine. I hope you don’t either. Just let it go!