Life is more vibrant when you

Learn to Love the Truth

Yesterday I was walking in the woods and was overcome with delight at how honest and wonderful life is. Nature never lies.

She is sometimes harsh and brutal and sometimes soft and nurturing.  She is always balanced and gives me everything I need.

I trust her.

I am her. She is me.

And the more honest that I am, the closer that I am to my natural self.

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So, it shouldn’t be any wonder that the work that I do really centers around honesty.

You see, everything is energy. And there is only one dis-ease. It’s the imbalance of energy. There is either too much or too little.

And when we withhold the truth, we block energy from flowing. It’s like taking an inhale and then never letting it all go.

So that energy becomes stagnant. It’s taken out of circulation so it’s not available for growth, detoxification, or transformation.

It’s natural for energy to flow, and it takes energy to hold it all in. Because the energy we withhold isn’t circulating, and we’re using energy to hold it back, it’s common to feel exhausted after a while.

And do you know how to open it all up again? With the truth. Yes, just allowing things to be as they are.

Loving the Truth

Many of my techniques focus on the body because the body never lies. Emotions live in the body and reflect our true interpretation of events.

Something we don’t like happens.

We have a reaction that takes our breath away, and that forgetting to exhale thing that I talked about happens. The energy just stops moving.

We may recognize it, or it may slip by unnoticed, but our interpreted reality is so horrible that we can’t swallow it. We can’t take it. So we don’t.

And it sits there jamming up the works, causing sleeplessness, anxiety, weight gain, weight loss, hair loss, pain, and missed opportunities.

Let me give you some examples to see if you can relate.

I’m six years old. The little girl next door, who has been my closest friend, moves away. Nobody told me beforehand. I just awaken and she’s gone. My inner thought is “Everybody leaves.”I’m thirteen. My dream is to make the cheerleading squad. I am practicing ever day for the tryouts. I realize in the back of my mind that most of the girls have been cheering since they were little, but when I overhear someone say, “She doesn’t have a chance in Hell,” I deflate. I don’t even try and my thoughts are, “I can’t compete.”I’m fifteen and every girl in school has a crush on the same guy.  At the first football game of the season, I see him walking by with a girl who looks very similar to me. My heart sinks and I think, “I am the almost-girl.”

Logically we know that none of these things are true, but that doesn’t stop them from being stuck. Nor does it stop them from having the power to derail our whole lives!

The way out is to live in truth.

When your head is saying, “That was a long time ago. I don’t feel that way anymore” ask your body.

What’s it saying? Do you notice any sensations? Is it heavy, tingly, hot, dark, buzzy? If there is a sensation, there is emotion there! Emotions are physical!

Now what is that emotion saying? Go dark. Go deep. Go horrible. That’s the truth of the thing, not the positive affirmations or the bright side. That’s for later.

Healing requires the truth.

Once you find it, allow it to be.

If that means shaking, crying, or feeling like you can’t breathe for a moment, let yourself do that. (This is not permission to take it out on other people!) That’s honest and true.

The reason you’re stuck is because you denied that reality when it first presented itself. It won’t go away until you’re honest and give it space to be, so do that now.

And when it’s done, it will be done.

And there is a very good chance that when you say, “I don’t feel that way anymore” it will now be the truth.

Donald Miller’s quote, “All the trees are losing their leaves, and not one of them is worried” encapsulates this experience for me.

Nature is honest. It holds back nothing. When it’s time to blossom, things blossom. When it’s time to die, they die.

When you trust, life can be that natural and easy.

You could learn to love the truth and see the beauty in the struggle, the rough places, and the ugliness. When you do that, there is nothing left to hide from.

The truth really does set you free to have an authentic life.

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