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Like everything, expectations have a high side and a low side. Expectations can be the carrot that keeps you moving. They can also be the thing that drags you down.

Benefits of letting go of expectations

Peace!Life is always a surpriseYou avoid disappointmentFreedomYou can’t get it wrongYou remain presentWe’re on Day 3 of the “365 Days of Letting Go” Challenge0.005% Completed. Keep Going!

What Letting Go of Expectations Looks Like

Let’s look at some examples of expectations:

* Friends expect you to look, talk, and act a certain way. You have to conform.

* Your parents might expect you to go to a certain school or enter a certain field.

* You may expect a promotion or raise at work.

* Perhaps you expect your friends and family to help you when you ask.

* You may expect your co-workers to work as hard as you do.

Life Has No Guarantees

Dealing with life as it is gives you the freedom to be here now. You can respond to life as it happens, not as you thought it would be. So life is a perpetual surprise.

Nothing ever goes “wrong” because there is no expectation of what “right” looks like.Since there is no “wrong,” there can’t be disappointment either.In this dynamic space,  life is always a dance among people. Each moment is an adventure.

Of course, you could also see it as a perpetual trap that is ready to spring if you aren’t prepared with the skills required to meet the challenges that come your way.

Need Help? That’s Where I Can Come In!

The “Let It Go Now” path is Ready, Release. Renew. I help you get ready to let go, then release what is not serving you, then integrate it into a new lifestyle.

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