Six Benefits of Always Telling the Truth

We are on day 7 of the “365 Days of Letting Go” Challenge, and today we are focusing on always telling the truth. Here are 6 great reasons to make this change now!

 It’s Easier

If you tell no lies, you don’t have to worry about keeping your stories straight or getting caught.

Gain Trust

When you habitually tell the truth, people begin to trust you. They rely on you. This makes relationships more meaningful for both sides.


You’re more likely to get truth and respect when you give it.

Fewer Problems

Lots of problems arise from lying to ourselves! When we cut that out, those go away.

You’ll Be Safer

Lots of people will tell you what you want to hear. The one who tells you what you the truth you don’t want to hear is the real keeper.


You can’t be yourself if you aren’t truthful.

How often are we lying?

One Study Shows We Tell White Lies Several Times A Day!

How “average” are you in this regard? Have you ever paid attention?

My Story

When I was in first grade, my teacher asked the class if anyone watched “Little House on the Prairie” the night before. 

I loved that show and frequently watched it. I wanted to be liked, so I raised my hand.

Then she asked what it was about. I couldn’t say. I hadn’t watched it. I was so embarrassed and never wanted to feel that again!

That lie made absolutely no difference in the big scheme of things, so it made no sense to lie.  My intention wasn’t to hurt or deceive, but it could have resulted in harming my reputation and trust, and that just wasn’t worth it.

Conscious Living is Intentional

If you want your life to reflect a true version of yourself, you have to live consciously. Then your words, choices, lifestyle, clothing, diet – and everything  – shows a congruent, honest picture of you. 

So pay attention to your words. Always tell the truth and see how having differently it feels to have your your inside and outside in alignment.

Try it for 24 hours. Let me know in the comments how it goes!