Letting Go of Social Isolation

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Lots of people socialize less when the weather cools. We stay inside where we are snuggly warm.

With the covid headlines talking about the reimplementation of mask wearing and requiring vaccines, even more people are staying away from social gatherings.

While staying safe, warm, and comfortable is good, too much social isolation is not a good thing.

How To Tell If It’s Time to Let Go of Social Isolation

All humans need other humans for company – even introverts. However, here are the signs that it’s been too much of a good thing.

Frequently cancelling plans, often at the last minute, and then feeling relief.¬†Feeling anxiety, distress, or dread when thinking about being with other people.Avoiding social events, phone calls, and necessary outings, especially those that you used to enjoy.Changes in hygiene. You’re not showering, getting dressed, or doing your hair or makeup the way you used to.Changes in appearance. You aren’t paying as much attention to your clothes or fitness as you used to.¬†Being unwilling or unable to share your thoughts and feelings with someone else.

Life is a Relationship

Life is a relationship. When you stop having a relationship, it’s like you disappear.

Humans only know who we are in relationship to other people. We only have meaning in relationship to other people.

Think about it. There is no yin without yang. If you pull yourself out of the equation, you begin to die.

So engage! Be seen! Reflect the love and light inside. Let the smile in someone else’s eyes light you up.

Balance is the key to everything. If it’s time for a reset, adjust and get back into the swing of things!