Spiritual Travel FAQ

Spiritual Travel FAQ

This is an adventure like none you’ve ever experienced. To make sure this is a good fit for you, please read the spiritual travel FAQ. Thank you.

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What is Spiritual Travel?

Spiritual travel is simply going to a destination with the consciousness, openness, and the intention to fully experience what is there.

There is usually a hope of transformation. That wish is generally fulfilled.

One traveler called it “ninja therapy” because it’s a bit like being thrown in a blender with all your “stuff.” New things are added. The top is left off and the motor comes on. Everything mixes up.

Some stuff spills out. In the end, you can decide to clean up the mess or put it all back in. Whatever you decide, it is never the same as when you started. As a result, you get quick shifts that don’t happen in ordinary life.


What Makes a Place Sacred?

Our chosen destinations tend to be those with a reputation for metamorphosis and healing. They are the sites of miracles, places of extreme tranquility or beauty, or have a high vibrational frequency.

They also tend to be places where I’ve been before and have a strong local connection so that I can take you off the beaten path and offer more than the cookie cutter tour.

I’m always on the look out for hidden surprises. (For example, past groups have attended a wedding, been invited to eat dinner with a local family, met local celebrities, and ate at an indescribable local haunt that no tourist would ever discover.

We’ve gotten private tours of closed sites and many special, unadvertised perks like that).

Sometimes the magic is in the people. That could be our merry band of travelers or the natives in the place we are visiting. Truly all things are sacred. The spark of the Creator is in everything.

You don’t have to go anywhere special to make magic happen; however, leaving behind the mundane often prepares us for transformation.

When you’re in a new environment, you may be provoked us to pay attention so you may seethings that you may not see at home.

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What Can I Expect on a Spiritual Tour?

No two people are alike. No two journeys are alike. All I can say is that when I travel, I tend to get exactly what I most need.

Sometimes this is pleasant. Sometimes, when I am in a state of resistance, it is not. In the big picture, it’s always for my highest good. If you just remain mindful, you won’t miss it.

What does this look like? It could be about letting go of something (a person, job, belief, etc.) that has outgrown its usefulness. It could be about exposing our limitations or prejudices so that we can release them.

It could be about experiencing bliss, creativity, or inspiration. It is almost always about exposing your truth and being in a state of love.

Tour size is always limited so you will always have time for personal attention should you need it.

How Does It Work?

Well, that’s the mysterious part, isn’t it?

My theory is that your intention, your energy, the energy of the site, and the energy of the group creates your experience.

If you have a desire to find love, your experience may show you all the barriers you have to love. Or it may be about showing you all the love you already have.

Or it may be about helping you to grieve and let go of a past love or limiting self-belief that is preventing any new love from coming in. Sometimes it awakens a past life memory of something that is unfinished and gives you a chance to complete old business.

In power places, the energy of the site can lift and align yours to such a degree that the change is physical. I’ve stood in places with such high energy that I’ve burst into tears, been overcome with emotion, felt myself splitting apart, felt myself merging with everything and everyone, or just been overcome with a sense of overwhelming peace.

It is truly incredible. This extraordinary experience makes the ordinary somehow brighter and more alive.

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Has Anyone Ever Gotten “Nothing?”

There have been people who don’t see the beauty, abundance, and opportunity before them. Some choose to complain about the things that are uncommon or uncomfortable. They may feel that they’ve gotten “nothing.” The way I see it is that everything is as it should be. They got the opportunity to see things differently and chose not to accept it at that time. It’s not “wasted.” The lesson will come back around. And I am sure there are others in the group who got something out of observing this. Sacred travel groups tend to have a wonderful synchronicity about them. We don’t come together by accident. We all can learn from each other.

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Is This a Religious Experience?

It is a spiritual adventure although not necessarily a religious one – even when we visit places like churches or mosques. My tours do not cater to any particular faith. Love is universal.

You can journey to sacred sites and see pretty things, or if you have a passion for self-exploration and growth, you can go with me. I promise, you will not return home the same.

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Why Are There so Few Pictures of People in Your Galleries?

Privacy. Due to the nature of sacred travel, people often experience break throughs while on tour. We have many beautiful pictures of these moments.

Posting them like selfies feels like a violation of the sacred nature of the places we visited and the moments we shared.

Those moments are meant to be felt by those who lived them, and so they are not published online.

We do take pictures. We generally share them with each other. We just don’t make many of them public.


Is This a Good Fit For You?

Most tours are a bit athletic. There is a lot of walking. You need to be relatively fit. We tend to spend a lot of time outdoors in the weather. If you are frail, have a weak immune system, are easily emotionally overwhelmed, or have no stamina, this is not for you.

You need to have a sense of adventure. The culture is different. The land is different. The point is to get out of your comfort zone.

Laura’s first tour was dubbed “The Jolly Group” by the Nile cruise captain. Laura eventually realized it wasn’t simply due to the magic of Egypt, but to her!

Laughing is contagious. So is singing and dancing. You may find yourself bursting with happiness and seeing beauty in things you didn’t notice before – mainly yourself!

Laura is a therapist. She encourages opening up and feeling. If you fall apart or need some help integrating your new discoveries, she’s here to support your process or put you back together.

Healing requires energy. It sometimes means letting go of pain. You won’t have to do it alone.

You will be with people you have never met before. You don’t have to be an extrovert to enjoy them. Ideally you just have to be able to see people in the group as mirrors for what you need to see within yourself.

You will have people with whom you form intense bonds because you’ll share an intensely personal experience. These bonds may last a lifetime.

Tours are always loose. Things always happen on a sacred travel journey that aren’t planned. The “accidents” tend to be the juiciest parts.

We’re going to go with the flow. If you need to feel, feel. If you want to need to sing, cry, or shut down, it’s your time to do you. That’s our only agenda. Let go and let God.

Still not sure? You can shoot Laura an email or check out what others have to say. If you aren’t feeling called to come, don’t come. It’s probably not for you. If you can’t wait, register today!