hectic holidays

Reinvent Your Holidays

Nobody goes into the holiday season saying, “I want to gain ten pounds, go massively into debt, become exhausted, see a bunch of people I don’t care about, and miss the whole thing because I was not present, but that’s what a lot of us do. If this is you, maybe it’s time to think about transforming your hectic holidays.

Here’s One Simple Guideline To Help

Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

That’s it. Super simple, right?

Last weekend’s bonfire for the Let It Go Now group is a perfect example of how that works. I’m still getting lots of comments about how great it felt to be there. I’ll share some of the things we did right to help kick start your “do more of what works and less of what doesn’t cheat sheet.

Take care of yourself. Don’t make other people responsible for your comfort. Know when to say yes, no, and leave a conversation. Be where you want to be. Don’t go engage where you don’t want to.Share yourself. Don’t hold back your laughter, song, stories, or other gifts. Share them abundantly. If everyone shares the best of themselves, we all win.Share the limelight. There is enough for all. Seeing others is as meaningful and heart warming as being seen. Let’s do both.¬†¬†Contribute. How can you make this event better? Think of it as Stone Soup. When everyone gives a little something, it makes a much more savory experience.Focus on the love. We don’t come together because tradition says so. We come for the love. So focus on the love. And don’t leave without getting some and giving some.Release expectations and judgments. Come as you are. Let others come as they are. Chillax.

If you notice, nowhere did I say anything about rushing, spending a bunch of money, or making anything mandatory.

Some people dread the holidays because of the expectations that are never met. So each one ends up being a disappointment and reason to feel depressed. We can stop that tradition right now!

Let go of the politics. Forget about religious differences and dogma. Forgive any hurts, and focus on the love. If you do that, you will begin to enjoy holidays, spend less, eat less, drink less, and have less regret and more love come the new year.

Leave me a comment to let me know what you do to have warm and wonderful holidays!