Letting go is about reclaiming your life

Stop Wasting Time Watching TV

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The main reason to stop watching tv is that it’s a huge time waster.

A recent Neilson poll found that the average American spends 34 hours per week in front of the television.

That means we are watching tv as much as we are working or sleeping!

Life is made up of time. When we watch tv, we are watching other people who are pretending to live rather than living it ourselves!

If you used that time to learn a language or skill, clean, remodel, or maintain your house, or build relationships, imagine how much better your life would be!

Sitting Damages Your Health

Sitting is associated with so many health issues! Weight gain, varicose veins, impaired digestion, insomnia, back pain, mental health issues, diminished libido, headaches, and joint pain are just some of the ways sitting harms our health.

70% of Americans sit all day at work.

Then many of us go home and sit in front of the tv.


TV Zones You Out

The most fulfilling part of life is connection. For that you have to tune in.

Most TV programming tunes you out. It’s an escape from life, not an extension of it.

If you need to escape your life, TV will not make your life better. In fact, it may enhance the feeling of isolation and the need to disengage.

While I admit that creative, entertaining, and even informative programs exist, the vast majority of shows are not that.

TV Downloads Toxic Programs Into Your Brain

The goal of TV is to make money.

Shows do that by selling advertising.

Advertisers want you to buy their products and services. They do that by making you emotional and insecure.

The more inadequate you feel, the more likely that you will feel you’re missing out and need that trip to Bali, those skinny, designer jeans, or to get that face lift and teeth whitening.

Programmers sell a fantasy. Typically this fantasy focuses on negativity and separation so that you will vote a certain way, feel a certain way, and behave in a certain way.

They call it “programming” for a reason!

Tune into nature. That’s the real reality show.

You will find far more affirming messages, true connection, challenges that grow you, and emotional fulfillment there.

If you want to live a life of your own choosing, ditch the TV.

Program yourself with uplifting thoughts, good company, healthy food, sunshine, meditation, and prayer.

Life is beautiful, challenging, real, and rewarding. It’s far better than watching fake people in fabricated situations play at life.

Remember – “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” ~ Helen Keller