Why I Celebrate Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! On a day that is about remembering hurts for some people and abstaining from gratitude, I want to share why I celebrate Thanksgiving.

To help to show the benefit of celebrating Thanksgiving, let’s look at why some people are sitting it out.

Atoning for Our History of Genocide

It’s hard to heal any wounds of the past without acknowledging the damage that was done. We all need to be seen, and the lack of public, official apology for genocide, broken treaties, and abuse done in government schools is appalling.

And yet, when we give the power of our healing to someone else, it may never come.

If we have the power to heal ourselves, why wouldn’t we? Letting go and forgiving does that. So, for the my ancestors who were oppressors and for those who were oppressed, I forgive.

I remember my ancestors on Ancestor Remembrance Day (and always), and celebrate the rainbow of people who made me what I am. By holding a grudge and judging them, I alienate myself from them, and I prefer to be healthy and whole.

My Family is Toxic

When the family is toxic, it may be healthier to avoid them. I don’t believe that anyone should obligate themselves to abuse.

However, the bigger purpose of the day is to celebrate the harvest, life, and survival with people that make that life worth living.

We’re in this life together. Taking a moment to gather, reflect, and give gratitude helps us to sustain that bond and sense of belonging. It helps us to remember the fragility of life so we cherish it and each other.

celebrate thanksgiving

Our Reality is a Reflection of Our Thoughts

I think everyone has a legitimate reason for celebrating or not celebrating whatever they want.

And our reality is a reflection of our thoughts. If I look outside and see war, poverty, want, and chaos, my insides become a bundle of anger and fear. If I look outside and see beauty, wonder, abundance, my inside is light, hopeful, and grateful.

I want to live there.

It’s not a denial of the hurtful, dark things in the world. It’s about removing the emotional charge from them so I can live in a space of love and acceptance.

Everyday I help people remove emotional charges to horrible things that have happened to them or that they’ve done to others. When they are gone, there is peace. If you’d like to experience that, reach out for a breakthrough session.

Pain is not holding on to you. You’re holding on to it, and you may be surprised at how easy it is to let go.