living life to the fullest

“Life’s a Daring Adventure or Nothing,” Right?

I think most of us want to have a life we can look back on with satisfaction. We want to feel that we have been here and made a difference, right?

And yet how many of us don’t follow Helen Keller’s idea of a daring adventure. We fall into  Thoreau’s observation of a life of quiet desperation.

8 Tips for Living Life to the Fullest

The “experts” give examples like the following for living life to the fullest.

Practice gratitude. It helps to find contentment and meaning for what’s already here.Help others. Humans are tribal creatures. We need each other. Helping others provides the glue that keeps us connected.Explore new things. It keeps you stimulated and growing.Do things you enjoy. Losing yourself in something creates a sense of flow. Your brain loves flow!Spend time with lovely people. When you come down to it, life’s about relationships. If your relationships are joyous, your life will be full.Succeed at something. Persevere until you succeed. It creates self-esteem.Tell yourself positive stories. Everything only has the meaning you give it. Create believable, true, positive stories.Let yourself be happy. One study showed that the brains of people who self-identify as “always depressed” were only depressed for fifteen minutes!  No one is “always” depressed. Don’t make the same mistake they did and deny yourself the light that is always present.

These are excellent tips, but what about the times when you just can’t do these things? Or you can’t do them long enough to make a difference?

What To Do When What “Works” Doesn’t Work For You

If a solution works for 75 or even 95% of people, there is always someone who falls outside of that box. What do you do when that’s you?

There’s Got To Be a Block!

Everybody is different, but we’re not that different!

If you know what to do and have the ability, time, and resources to do something, yet you’re not doing it, it’s not you. You’re not lazy, unmotivated, or stupid. There is an emotional block in the way.

These blocks are things like:

I’m not good enough.I don’t deserve this.Everybody leaves.I’m just going to mess it up.If they knew who I really am, they would not like me.

Lots of people say, “Oh, that’s not me” and “I used to have problems like that, but not anymore.” So, I will say it again. “If you want X, you know what to do, and have the resources, time, and skills to do it, and you don’t have it, there is a block in place.”

They are often unconscious, so the way that you can know they are there is to look at the results you are getting. If you are not getting the results you want, something in your unconscious is inhibiting you. I’ve never seen an exception to this.

“Maggie’s” Story

Maggie was a high powered executive who was used to having everything all figured out. She was a producer, planner, and achiever who knocked out her goals. So, she couldn’t understand why her life was so unhappy. She had the lifestyle, partner, and job that she wanted, yet she felt empty inside.

Obviously, she is the expert on her, so I couldn’t tell her what was out of alignment, but since the body never lies, we asked her body.

We ended up opening a Pandora’s Box of childhood issues that were flying way beneath the radar.

In Maggie’s conscious mind, her relationship with her parents was decent. She had a great childhood, was well provided for, and avoided any real problems.

She never would have come up with that on her own in a million years, but as we dug into her unconscious, Maggie began to realize that she was living out her mother’s values, trying to please her father, and wasn’t in her own life at all!

Only when Maggie let go of all her baggage was she able to turn things around.

The Unconsious Is Driving the Boat

If you want to live a fulfilling life, there are two things you have to know:

The unconscious is driving the boat.You can’t be happy if you go against your values.

Both of these things were working against Maggie. Once we got them in alignment with her conscious desires, she was able to reach a place of flow.

Instead of overindulging in parties, she was prioritizing sleep so she could function and feel better.

Rather than investing in a partner who looked the part, she opened up to people who could feed her heart and mind.

Instead of letting the scared little girl inside sabotage her, she healed her fears and let the woman emerge.

You can do the same. Want help? Contact me for a breakthrough session!