How often do you do a life review?

Maybe It’s Time to Let Go of the Person You Used to Be

Who We Were Is Not Who We Are

Do you still have clothes from years ago that you don’t wear? Are you still talking about the one who got away or your first love? Are you still mentally standing at the crossroad that you passed years ago? If so, you may be living a life that doesn’t exist anymore.

The Only Time is Now

Most of us have unfulfilled dreams, regrets, glories, and unforgettable memories that we’re holding onto. They maybe even be a part of our identity. But holding on is keeping us from being who we are now.

And the only time we can be who we are now is now. Lose that and it’s gone forever.

You’re different now. And it’s okay to be different.

It’s okay to be slower, older, sexier, leaner, smarter, alone, coupled, richer, or poorer. It’s okay to be wherever and whoever you are.

If you don’t know who you are now, explore. Discover! Have fun.

If you don’t like who you are now, look deeper. Everything has two sides. See the other side to find the benefits that you could be overlooking.

If you still don’t like what you see, use it as motivation to move towards something that you do like.

If you’re in an undesirable spot, savor it. It won’t last. There is something juicy to learn here. Lean in. Don’t miss it.

What can you let go of from the past that is keeping you from being your luscious, authentic self now?

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