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Time is the Most Valuable Thing We All Have

If life is made of time, then time is the most valuable thing we all have. So how we spend it is of the utmost importance. It’s what creates our lives.

Who wants to look back on our last day and say, “I was busy?”

What Are We So Busy Doing?

It may look important to have so many irons in the fire, but for most of us “busy” doesn’t mean that at all. Here is how we spend a lot of that “busy” time.

Socializing, working, and over-scheduling ourselves to escape spending time with our selves. We can’t stand our own thoughts and feelings, so we will do anything to exhaust ourselves so that we bypass our own experience.¬†Blaming, complaining, and being a victim to get out of doing what we are obligated to do.Saying yes to things that aren’t productive or fulfilling to please someone else, look good, or have some external reward.

None of these things create stability, connection, or peace of mind – all the things that make life worthwhile. Instead they lead to exhaustion, overwork, and a feeling that life has no meaning.

Let’s get real. Being busy is a waste of time. So, what could you do instead to maximize the time you have?

Be more efficient. Cut out multi-tasking. Plan more carefully. Prioritize.¬† You’ll get more done in less time.Delegate. The world won’t come to an end if you don’t do it all. Delegate what you can. Your kids can do dishes. Your spouse can make dinner sometimes. Your work wife can chair a meeting.End work early enough each day so that you have enough time for dinner, winding down, and a good night’s sleep. This actually boosts your energy, mental clarity, and will make you more productive and happier.Schedule time for “nothing.” By “nothing,” I mean something that is not productive. It’s play time, time to be connected, or creative. Everybody needs time to do nothing. This is not lazy or selfish. It’s self care.

We’re not human doings. We’re human beings. So be.