Can’t Think Straight?

“Clutter” is a disorderly heap or a state of confusion. “Mental clutter” is a mind that is littered with disorder and confusion. How does one clean it up?


Don’t let worrisome thoughts or gossip in.

Talk It Out

Getting your thoughts out can help you reach conclusions so you move thoughts to the “done” pile.

Reduce Obligations

If you have too much to do, say no more often.


Meditation clears out everything.


Like talking, journaling can help you sort through thoughts and make sense of them.

Take Action

There is nothing like taking action to release rumination.

If you’re like most people, living with mental clutter doesn’t feel good. Likewise it’s hard to function well.

Living with mental clutter is similar to living in a physically crowded space. It’s hard to maneuver. You can’t see things clearly. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and just stop moving altogether.

While it’s normal to have stressful periods where things are out of balance (like the holidays, exams, or work transitions), if you don’t stay on top of it, things can get out of hand.

Cultivating healthy habits during non-hectic times makes it easier to get back into a healthy groove.