Inspiration is as fragile as a puff of wind. The spark can go out because of doubt, distraction, or paralysis by analysis. Whether you want to build a space colony or build a better version of yourself, here are three easy tips to build massive momentum.

Just Get Started

There are all sorts of reasons to delay. They may even make sense, but delay is often the death of action.

Don’t get bogged down in the planning and perfecting. Tweak as you go. You will learn things along the way that you never could have anticipated. If you go into your project with this in mind, surprises and detours will just be part of the process.

Work With Others

What this looks like will depend upon your particular project. It could look like collaborating to share ideas and the work load.

Maybe you have an accountability partner. You work out together, check in on each other, or poke holes in each other’s plans to uncover blind spots. Perhaps you create something.

Maybe your peeps have a different area of expertise or know more than you. So they act as mentors or teachers.

Running on your own steam when it’s just a spark can be a big ask. The synergy created from two people can be just the thing to build that spark to a blazing fire.

So be sure to give as well as take. Don’t sit back and take. When there is an exchange of energy, both of you feed each other and will keep going.

Celebrate Your Progress

Everybody needs to be seen. When you put your attention on to something and you see it through, it feels good to acknowledge it. Stand and be recognized.

Even if you are the only one who sees and appreciates your accomplishment, take credit. It will keep you moving forward over the next hurdle.

If you want help with this last one, join the Tribe. We have a weekly check-in on Wednesdays (but you can really check in any time). You can learn how to show up, be seen, and have a chance of being appreciated.