idealized self

Are you over-scheduled, tired, have too much stuff, not enough time, don’t like your life, and desperately want to check out to get some “me time?” Maybe it’s because you are pursuing your idealized self. 

Who Do You Think You Should Be?

We all have dreams of what we want to be, and often that vision comes from what we think we ought to be. So we have closets full of clothes we don’t wear, books that we don’t read, crafts we don’t have time to do, and evergreen classes in subjects we don’t set aside time to learn. 

We go to events we don’t really care for. We hang out with people we don’t really enjoy.

Whose dreams are those? Are they yours? Or someone else’s?

If You Are Not Careful, You Will Live Someone Else’s Life

Life is made up of time. How you spend that time creates your experience. If you give your time to things that don’t fill your heart, are you really living at all? Maybe you are just acting your way through life – putting on a show – rather than living it.

How do you know? Here are some signs that your life is your own.

You wake up with enthusiasm for the day ahead.You feel at home wherever you go. You don’t need a sanctuary, an escape, or a vacation.There’s no censorship. You feel free to speak freely and do as you please.Your surroundings are a reflection of you. Your home, clothes, work, and friends all represent you.While you consider other people’s opinions and societal norms, you don’t need outside approval to validate your path. You feel good about where you are, what you’re doing, and who you are.true self

Nature is a blend of Yin and Yang. Each front has a back. When you diminish your spark, your originality, to blend in with the herd, you create imbalance. We now have 10 fronts and only one back. 

That doesn’t help you or the rest of us. Let go of your idealized self. We need your quirk, your freshness. If you are an outlier in some way, that need is even greater because the lack of you is more keenly felt.

So know yourself, be yourself, love yourself, and share yourself. It’s what you were born to do.

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