On 12/31/21 I pulled the plug on all my social media except MeWe. Here’s what happened.

What Happened When I Took a Social Media Break

social media break

Conventional wisdom says that if you have a business, you have to do social media. You have to be in front of people, go to them, crank out content, be available, and engage. Business is sure to drop off if you don’t.

And in the days of social distancing, “they” say that social media a way to stay in touch with family, friends, and the casual, quirky people that you don’t really talk to, but don’t want to let go of.

So, I put it to the test. I’ve now been social media free (except MeWe) for nine months! Here’s what I discovered.

More Space For Simple Pleasures

I had a screen time counter on my iPad, so I could see how long I was spending online. I said it was for work, and it was, but I can see now that it didn’t result in more income or better customer service. It was all about optics.

Reclaiming that time gave me more space for simple pleasures like reading, cooking from scratch, lunch with a friend, and long meditation sessions.

Simply put, I had more “me time” so life was more enjoyable.

social media break

A Stronger Connection With the Natural World

I hike almost every day – even throughout the pandemic and with social media. But with the chatter turned off, I felt a different connection. I can’t say for sure, but I think I am just more present now.

When I am always aware of the time and of my commitments. I rarely rush around and hurry, but I am aware of what I have to do and leave myself space to do what I’ve said I will do.

I think that reclaiming all that time just emptied my to do list enough to allow me to see and feel more deeply. And Nature is where I do that the easiest.

A More Authentic Relationship With People

Social media opened up my social circle a little bit. I think I had a whopping 75 friends on my old Facebook account. When I said goodbye to them, the same dozen or so that I talked to regularly were still there.

Now instead of getting the public updates, our conversations are more purposeful, personal, and meaningful.

I Grew Myself

I’ve always been a lifelong learner, but hadn’t given much thought to my own development because I was so busy helping others and running my business.

Cutting back the social media has given me space to do what I love – learn. It’s been amazing to reconnect with that. I feel like I have so much more to give now!

Honestly, I can’t see a downside and don’t plan to go back. I haven’t lost anything and have regained so much.

We’re on day 20 of the “365 days of Letting Go” challenge. If you are searching for something to let go of to make your life lighter, try the social media break. Let me know how it goes.