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Shadow Work FAQ

Shadow Work FAQ

So you’ve heard about shadow work and now you’ve got questions. No worries. This Shadow Work FAQ is an excellent place to find answers. If you have a question that is not here, let me know. I may include it in an update! What is Shadow Work? The term was created by...

Skin Hunger: What Does It Mean to Be Touch Deprived?

Skin Hunger: What Does It Mean to Be Touch Deprived?

Skin Hunger Humans have a physiological need for touch. And yet there are many things in the modern lifestyle that set us up for skin hunger, such as: We're heading into year 3 of social distancing.Working from home can mean many people go a whole week without seeing...

16 Things You Can Do To Overcome Feeling Jaded

Remember the Charlie Brown Christmas show? Remember how everyone was in the Christmas spirit except Charlie? Charlie was feeling jaded. He went to Lucy for advice on how to snap out of it. Lucy told him he needed involvement and invited him to manage the Christmas...

Finding Your Voice

When I was young, I moved away from my family and was surrounded by people and things that were different from me. They spoke differently, moved at a slower pace, and didn't seem to care about the same things. At first I hated it. I felt like a fish out of water. It...

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