Does This Really Need to Be Said?

I guess it does because today I got a dick pic.

It’s Sexual Harassment

Yep. Receiving unwanted nudity is sexual harassment. It’s illegal.

It’s A Boundary Violation

Sending something to someone who didn’t ask for it is a clear boundary violation.

It’s Potentially Traumatizing

If you send a dick pic to a an unsuspecting person, it’s potentially traumatizing. Stop.

It’s Objectifying

You’re essentially saying, “I don’t care about you. I just want to have sex with you.” Ew.

It’s Immature

Some men are cave men. I get it.

It Shows Entitlement

Some men think they are entitled to a good time simply because they want it and offer it.

You’re ruining it for all other men

Stop Making It Harder for Other Men

Do you know how hard it is for a nice guy to catch a break?

All Men are Not Neanderthals

I work with a lot of lonely guys who just want to meet a nice girl, but they encounter women who are guarded because of guys who send dick pics, guys who objectify women, and a social culture who finds this acceptable.

Healthy Sex is Consensual

I’ve got nothing against sex. It’s a beautiful thing. And healthy sex is consensual. When you surprise someone with a view of your genitalia, it’s the same thing as the creeper in the park in the trench coat who exposes himself to little old ladies. It’s forcing a sexual encounter onto someone who did not consent.

If this kind of thing turns you on, keep it to your sex forums. I am sure there are a million places where you can connect with other naked people who will have consensual encounters with you.

Be the Change

81% of American women and 43% of men experience some form of sexual harassment during their lifetimes.Between 15,000 and 50,000 American women and girls are sex trafficked each year.Over half of male sexual assault victims are assaulted by someone they know.60,000 children each year are sexually assaulted.The National Partnership for Women and Families report that women still only make .80 to men’s dollar despite often being higher educated.Women only own 36% of small businesses.One in 7 women are stalked. For men, the rate is one in 18.Products marketed to women cost 7% more than the same product that is marketed to men.

Clearly we still live in a world where women are seen as second class citizens and sex objects. Guys who send unsolicited dick pics embrace the mindset that make these statistics possible.

I want to live in a different world, a safer world. Don’t you?

So, guys. How about it? Can we let go of unsolicited dick pics?