Pst! You won’t explode

Feeling Your Feels

I know it feels like feelings will overwhelm you, but trust me. They won’t.

The nature of energy is to flow

Everything obeys the laws of nature. Emotions are just energy. Unless obstructed, energy flows. If you open the gates, what’s inside will come out until there is no more.

Don’t block your feelings by thinking them

Lots of people think their feelings. They think they have felt them, but they really haven’t. They have intellectualized them. This simply blocks them in a clever way.

They fool themselves into thinking that something has healed and that they’ve worked through it.

The body knows better. If you are still thinking about something years later, or it comes back to bite you in your dreams, the energy is still there.

Don’t block your feelings by dissociating

Another way that we trick ourselves into thinking we are functioning better than we are is to dissociate. You feel fine because you’re not feeling anything. You’re not even here.

This is a great coping skill, but it’s not healing. It’s not living free and fully.

And what’s buried inside is still impacting you whether you’re aware of it or not. If you’ve ever felt “The Ick,” that would be an example of getting hit upside the head by unfelt feelings.

Don’t fuel your feelings

Another trick I’ve seen people try is fueling their feelings. If you look for all the reasons why your feelings are justified, you aren’t feeling them. You’re fueling them.

What you focus on increases, so if you focus on how you’re being wronged and how you’re justified in being angry, that won’t release your feelings. It will intensify them.

It’s Too Easy to Be True

People want healing to be complicated, painful, and hard. It doesn’t have to be. It really can be as easy as speaking your truth, feeling your feelings, and being willing to let go.

Let go of your need to be right, your identity as a victim, or needing an apology. Let go of wanting things to be different, believing that you will never heal, or that you don’t deserve happiness. It’s all nonsense that is holding you back from having an amazing life.

Don’t believe me? Every month I host a free group healing event. Come. See for yourself how easy it is to let go and find freedom.