Make Your Home a Sanctuary

make your home a sanctuary

Winter is almost upon us. We’re all spending more time indoors. If that’s not a safe and comfy place, it can be a long winter! So, why not make your home a sanctuary?

My home has always been my sanctuary. In this article, I will share my tips on how to create that for yourself and how to maintain it.

It Starts With Mindset

To sanctify is to make holy. The only difference between what is sacred, mundane, or profane is your mindset. A thing becomes holy because of how you think of it and how you treat it.

If we view a church or a meadow as a sacred space, we behave differently there. We keep our voices low, our language clean, behave respectfully, keep it clean, and that kind of thing.

View your home in the same way. For me, this means that when I cross over my property line, there is mental divide between the outside world and my sanctuary. In the sanctuary, I am safe, can relax, and enjoy the calm and beauty within.

Maintain the Boundaries

Just as you maintain healthy boundaries with your body, property, emotions, and relationships, it’s up to you to set and maintain healthy boundaries with your home sanctuary.

For me, this means that not everyone gets to come here. My peace resides here and I don’t allow people into my space who will disrupt that peace. I am happy to interact with everyone outside. That’s a “come as you are” space. My sanctuary is not.

It’s invitation only. Only those who have demonstrated that they can respect the sanctuary can enter.

(If you share space with others, this may only apply to a room or corner of the house rather than the entire property).


Make It Sensual

Sensuality makes us feel good. Think about the things you love to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. Combine them in pleasing ways that enhance the peace and calm that you desire your space to evoke.

Think fabrics, colors, music, scents, and good foods.

What would make your space more cozy? Wine? A fire? Candles? Flowers? Fluffy pillows? More light? Less light? Bringing the outdoors indoors?

Keep It Clean

The mind can’t be at ease when surrounded by clutter. “As within, so without.”

The quickest way to make a space feel more comfortable and safe is to clean it up. Have a place for everything and make sure that everything is in place. If you don’t have a space for it, perhaps you don’t need it.

Have a Dedicated Work Zone

If you work at home, or do projects at home, have a dedicated work space and work times. Maintain those boundaries.

When I worked from home, I used to feel like work never ended. I’d take calls at all hours, catch up on things all day and night, and plan my work when I was not at work. I never had a moment’s peace.

Creating boundaries around work and “not work” through set times and spaces helped a lot to bring back the sanctuary feeling again.


Live There

Some of us use our spaces as holding pens. We sleep, eat, and shower there, but we don’t really live there.

Use your space. Live there intentionally.

Invite friends over who will fill the space with laughter. Cook great food so that aroma hangs in the air for all to enjoy. Luxuriate in a comfy chair as you read a juicy novel. Enjoy the space.

For most of us, most of our money goes to housing. Shouldn’t it be a safe, nurturing space? You can easily make your home a sanctuary, so why not?