Learning Persistence

Eighty-nine days ago, I began a personal challenge to do 365 days of letting go. One of the things that I am learning is persistence.

I’ve always done what I’ve said I am going to do. I enjoy ticking things off my to do list. But when the reward is a long way off (365 days) and the outcome uncertain, that’s been harder.

How I Am Learning Persistence

persistenceBeing open to surprise. I am not doing 365 days of letting go to gain something in particular. I am staying open to the surprise and the experience of it. This is keeping me from being disappointed.Journaling. I am reviewing my days so that the lessons aren’t lost or forgotten. This is making it easier for me to recall and build upon what I am learning.Sharing the journey. The Tribe helps by giving me inspiration. I see them and they see me. It’s validating and encouraging.Acknowledging my “wins.”  Giving myself credit when it is due gives me gratitude for the road already traveled. It also gives me juice to keep going.Focus on the present moment.  I never want to lose the magic of this moment by thinking about the past or future. 

Letting go isn’t easy. When I open up space, it’s easy to fill it again with people, interests I don’t have time to pursue, projects, and other things.

Letting go is something we have to do over and over again to stay balanced and present.

I suspect it’s a habit I will want to keep forever. So persistence is a great thing to be learning right now. 365 days of letting go is amazing practice.