Persistence: What I’m Learning By Letting Go


Learning Persistence

Eighty-nine days ago, I began a personal challenge to do 365 days of letting go. One of the things that I am learning is persistence. 

I've always done what I've said I am going to do. I enjoy ticking things off my to do list. But when the reward is a long way off (365 days) and the outcome uncertain, that's been harder.

How I Am Learning Persistence

Being open to surprise. I am not doing 365 days of letting go to gain something in particular. I am staying open to the surprise and the experience of it. This is keeping me from being disappointed.
Journaling. I am reviewing my days so that the lessons aren't lost or forgotten. This is making it easier for me to recall and build upon what I am learning.

Letting go isn't easy. When I open up space, it's easy to fill it again with people, interests I don't have time to pursue, projects, and other things. 

Letting go is something we have to do over and over again to stay balanced and present. 

I suspect it's a habit I will want to keep forever. So persistence is a great thing to be learning right now. 365 days of letting go is amazing practice.

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