say yes to what you want

If life is full of contradictions and excuses

Maybe You’re Not Saying Yes to What You Want

You say you’re an artist, but you don’t make any art.You dream of a life partner, but you don’t even go out on dates.You long for a different job, but you have a lot of reasons why you can’t make that move.

Does this sound like you? If so, the reason you don’t have what you want could be that you’re not saying yes to what you want.

Yep, you could be blocking your success.

Let’s Look at the 9 Reasons Why You’re Doing This So You Can Stop!


Double Edged Sword

With good comes bad. Everything has two sides. If you open yourself up to feeling, you will feel all emotions, not just the ones you want. If you accept a challenge, there will be disappointments, too.


What Next Syndrome?

Everything ends. If you finish writing that book, make that million dollars, or get that award, you’ll reach the end of the road. What will happen then? The devil you know is always more comfortable than the one you don’t.


Losing Love

Being flawed and small is nonthreatening. Lots of people fear that if they grow, others will not be able to relate to them. They will lose their love.


Losing Yourself

“I am my problem.” Lots of people take on their struggle as their identity. Losing the problem can feel like losing their identity. For example, who will I be if I am not an alcoholic, victim, or child of abuse?


We Want Guarantees

We want success before we set out. Do you know someone who won’t move until all the possibilities are figured out and all obstacles are removed before making a move? How does that work out? Life’s risky!


We Don’t Know What We Want

Chasing red herrings. I coach lots of people who think they want something and what they are really after is something different! For example, they say they want “this” job when they really want a challenge or financial security. They say they want a certain person when they really want the safety that they feel when they are with them.


We Don’t Want to Lose It

Ack! What if I win a million dollars and then lose it? Lots of people won’t allow themselves to have love (for example) because they are afraid of losing it. For them, it’s not better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all because they fear being diminished by the loss more than they love the idea of growing through the experience.


We Want to Be Loved For Who We Are

Who doesn’t want that? If you’re rich, smart, beautiful or have an incredible body, how do you know you’re not being adored for those things?


You Want Approval

You’re different.  Your vision is different.  It can be hard to surrender to it if it’s not a cookie cutter picture that everyone can understand and appreciate. Do it anyway.

choose your image

There are reasons to do things and reasons not to.

If you hold yourself back from doing what your heart desires, you waste your life.

“You” are the universe expressing itself in a particular time, place, body, gender, and community. The limits of what you can experience are endless. So go all the way!

Take the good with the bad.

When one door closes, open another one.

Love the people who resonate with you along the way. Be willing to let them go as you grow so you make space for new people to love.

See your problems as challenges to grow. You are not your problems.

Embrace uncertainty. Feel the thrill. Dare.

Get clear on what you want. Think beyond the obvious object of your desire. Go big. Think abstractly. It opens up possibilities.

Everything dies. Be one with the seasons. Practice dying and it gets less scary each time.

Accept your whole package. Don’t over identify with one cool thing.

Be you. Say yes to what you want.