you can have what you want

Are You Blocking Your Blessing?

I have worked with a lot of people who say no to what they want before it’s even a possibility by not believing they can have it. They have lots of reasonable explanations why things are out of reach, like:

I’m too old/too young. I don’t have the right qualifications.I’m not pretty, smart, quick, talented, or skilled enough.I’m too quirky, unusual, awkward, or quiet. Economically, it’s a bad time.

The most important aspect of getting what you want is believing that you can. The second is going after it.

While all these things may seem like reasonable barriers to success, every day someone who is in the same boat as you gets what you want. Everything is available, and if you don’t go after it, you’re assured of never having it.

If not you, then who?

Don’t get to the last day of your life kicking yourself for the life you could have had. Go out there and grab it!